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I know you believe that your iPhone is safe from data loss. But everything is unpredictable. Without regular backups, you’ll only leave your precious data at risk. These include your photos, videos, contacts, etc.,. But fortunately for you and other iPhone users, a 3rd party recovery software is here to save the day. In case you experience these reasons:

Data Loss

We all have been through these at least one point in our lives. It might be because we’re in a hurry or we’re just plain careless, and we happen to delete a file that’s very important to us.

Jailbreak Fail

You tried to Jailbreak your iPhone(which will void the warranty and is illegal in some countries), but you failed miserably and wiped out some of your valuable data.

Water Damage

When your iPhone get soaked in water, and it’s damaged physically. You can’t turn it on. Don’t fret when that happens,  an iPhone data recovery tool is there to save the day.

iPhone Lost

Who says you can’t recover your files if your phone is gone or stolen? When in fact, you can! As long as you have an iPhone data recovery software with you, you can get back what you own.

IOS Update

Apple is known to be strict when it comes to updates. As of now, its latest operating system is iOS 10. But what if you’ve updated your device and then the files suddenly get lost.

Screen Broken

Have you broken your iPhone screen before? It’s not a particularly pleasant experience. If you’ve broken your iPhone screen, and you’re no longer covered under warranty…

5 Best iPhone Data Recovery Software

And now, for the real deal. Here we’ll give you the top 5 best iPhone data recovery software that will always get the job done.

# 1
Aiseesoft FoneLab

Are you looking for some extraordinary recovery tool that will let you: scan and preview deleted or lost iOS data, retrieve and export lost data from iTunes back up, download and import images and other files from iCloud, and recover your lost important data from iOS device directly? Well, search no further – Here is the Aiseesoft Fonelab for you!

Compatibility at Its Finest

This powerful application will allow you to recover up to 19 different types of files on all IOS devices. These include the iPhone X/8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, 6S/6S Plus, 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5C/5S, 4/4S, 3GS. Recovering almost everything including text messages, notes, call history, photos, WhatsApp, contacts, etc., is a piece of cake with this. Moreover, Aiseesoft Fonelab can run on almost all iOS models including the latest ones. That’s how great-of-a-recovery-app this is!

Easy Recovery

Also, it doesn’t matter how you lost your data – due to jailbreaking, wiped, accidentally deleted, etc., Aiseesoft Fonelab can help you recover data from your iTunes in a second. Moreover, you’ll get to preview even the data under messages, calendar, reminder, notes, safari bookmarks, and call log, and export them to your computer. Without a doubt, you won’t regret trying this one!

Get Rid of Unnecessary Files

What makes this special is that Aiseesoft Fonelab supports file preview. This means that you can bring back the photos you have found after the scan. Moreover, it comes with backup functions, which will allow you to restore items easily and quickly. Need to recover some files from your iCloud? Not a problem at all! This powerful tool enables iPhone users to retrieve any photos and even download backup files from your iCloud.

Restoring your files will be much easier than before – that is possible with the help of the superb iOS recovery tool application – Aisee Fonelab.

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Mac Users

# 2
Wondershare Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone is one of the most popular iPhone data recovery software out there. It’s developed by a reputable tech company called WonderShare. This one specializes in recovering files that are deleted from your iPhone. With this alone, you can see that this one’s created for iPhone users in mind.

Handy Recovery Tool

Dr.Fone, being the first iPhone data recovery application, is built with three standard recovery methods. These include the Recover from iCloud Backup File, Recover from iTunes Backup File, and Recover from IOS Device. Before, Dr. Fone offers a different version of the program for various iPhone models and later integrated all the programs in one. Also, all iPhone and IOS device models are compatible with this program.

With Wondershare Dr. Fone, you’ll get to access and retrieve all files, even the deleted ones – in just a few clicks! How amazing, right? Your iOS devices including iPod Touch, Ipad, iPhone, and even iTunes Backup and iCloud Backup’s files is possible to recover with this powerful recovery tool. You can even preview and extract all the content from either your iCloud account or iTunes. Whichever way you choose, it’s sure to go through pretty well. In addition, this application will let you restore files such as messages, call log, photos, videos, call history, contacts, voice memos, calendars, reminders, and its Facebook Messenger recovery feature is also a big plus!

Unhindered Access

Well, using it is as easy as a piece of cake, too. Simply connect your device, any iOS device that is compatible with Wondershare Dr. Fone, and you are good to go! After connecting any device, just wait for it to scan it, and then you’ll be able to preview and recover all data – including corrupted and deleted ones!

But, it won’t stop at that. Even broken phones – water damaged and beat up phones’ files is possible to recover wth Dr. Fone. That’s how powerful this app is. And did you missed something important after you factory reset your iPhone? That’s nothing to worry about as Dr. Fone will dig every data for you, even after the factory reset.

In addition, if your device is experiencing the famous Apple White  Screen of Death or simply just looping itself back from the recovery mode – well, stay back and let the Dr. Fone do its job. Yes, you read that right! This superb application can do that, too.

With all these splendid features, there’s no doubt that Wondershare Dr. Fone will always be one of the best iPhone recovery software tool application available today.

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Mac Users

# 3
Stellar Phoenix

Here’s an iPhone data recovery app that’ll surely entice those who’d love to have one that looks sleek and cool. The Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is one of the best-looking recovery apps out there.

Very Visually Appealing

The first time I saw this, I myself was shocked at seeing a user interface that looks perfect. But don’t get us wrong, because even though it looks nice, it also performs pretty well. Its design isn’t just for the sake of aesthetics, but it also has its purpose, which makes it easy for you to navigate and recover lost files.

Recover Any Files with Ease

Keep missing your files due to unknown reasons? Well, that is not a problem anymore! The Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery is one of the best software recovery applications for you and all iOS users. Recovering all kind of deleted or lost data from iOS devices, including iPad, iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud is a breeze with the Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery. Be it a long deleted app or recently deleted one – that’s possible to restore in just a second with this remarkable iPhone data recovery software.

Additionally, this powerful program can even retrieve the data from encrypted iTunes backup files! Also, with this – you’ll have access to preview and recover your WeChat, Line, Kik, and WhatsApp messages along with notes, contacts, photos, call history, attachments, etc.

Well, losing a file, particularly the important ones, can be a huge loss to everyone. But with the help of the Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone, you’ll have the power to recover any files from your iPhone – even the deleted ones!

Multiple Recovery Options

Moreover, this software will allow you to recover and restore deleted files on your iCloud. And through this, you’ll get access every bit of your information, including the lost ones in the least possible time. Also, the Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery supports multiple iDevices, which is very convenient for iOS users!

The Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery offers a quick scan of your iPhone and will display all items that are recoverable after scanning. It’ll allow you to see the files you have deleted and also display the files you can recover. This splendid software can scan and compatible with your iTunes, iPhone, and iCloud. It features three powerful recovery modes which are: Recover iCloud Backup, Recover iTunes Backup, and Recover IOS device.

Furthermore, one thing is for sure – using the Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for IOS is worth it!

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Mac Users

# 4
IMobie PhoneRescue

The iMobie PhoneRescue is one of the simplest and reliable IOS recovery software tools out there. This wonderful application will allow you retrieve all your iOS data. It is compatible with the past and latest iPhone models including the newest iPhone X and iPhone 8(plus).

Premium Service at Your Doorsteps

PhoneRescue can recover up to 22 different data types, which is way higher than the things its competitors can retrieve. This is perhaps the best thing about this app. From text messages to music, photos, history, and even ringtones and voicemails, the iMobie PhoneRescue can surely recover with ease.

With this, you’ll save and recover your iOS and Android data in no time. Like every iPhone recovery application, iMobie PhoneRescue will let you grab precious data from your iCloud. Moreover, it’ll give you the freedom to preview and pick any messages, photos, and more, from an iTunes back up – even it is corrupted!

Retrieves Files No Matter What

But wait, there’s more. Aside from data recovery, this splendid recovery app will help you retrieve a damage iPhone as well in a single click. What I also find cool about this software is that it performs a direct scan on your device. Simply connect it to your local computer, and it will immediately retrieve all recoverable files from your iPhone to your desktop.

If you’re tired of losing your files unexpectedly due to any possible reasons, let this remarkable app solve the problem for you. With this, in just some seconds, you’ll get to effortlessly find and retrieve any data – including damaged ones in your iPhone.

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Mac Users

# 5
IMyFone D-Back

Can’t unlock your iPhone because you forgot the password? Or accidentally deleted some of your precious files? Well, don’t you worry about that – iMyFone D-Back is here to save the day! This extraordinary iPhone recovery software tool is designed to efficiently and effectively recover iTunes  and iOS’ device files even if it’s encrypted and damaged. That’s how powerful the iMyfone D-Back is!

Streamlined Recovery

All you need to do is scan and wait – how easy,  right? You can freely select the type of file you want to retrieve. These include your call history, contacts, photos, notes, browser history, applications, and many more! Also, you’ll get to view all files and get everything back – even the deleted ones. You can look up lost files by entering their file name or perhaps categorize them by size or type. So whether your text messages are deleted, or perhaps your  call history are gone, you won’t have to worry about recovering them because iMyFone D-Back is pretty good in those sorts of things. It can even recover your messages and attachments in Viber, WhatsApp, or Wechat.

Get Your Device Back to Normal

Also, it has a “Fix iOS System”, which is really helpful. iMyfone D-Back can also repair common issues such as your device being stuck on Apple logo, black/white screen, bricked iOS devices,  not turning on, restarting loops, recovery mode  and more. But after using this function, your device’s OS will be updated to the latest one. And if you’re iPhone is jailbroken, it will be restored to the stock or default mode. Also, for locked devices, it’ll be unlocked after this. There’s no other reason why you shouldn’t use the iMyfone D-Back! With its benefits, from unlocking your device to even fixing your iPhone’s OS, there’s no doubt that this is one of the best iPhone recovery software out there.

IMyFone D-Back Download




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Mac Users

Above are some of the best iPhone recovery software available for every iPhone users out there. Feel free to choose the one that you think is the best. After all, each item given above is simple yet powerful iPhone software recovery tool that will truly provide convenience and satisfaction to you. With these applications, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to back up your files again. Also, with these efficient recovery software applications, you’ll get to recover almost any files – either lost or deleted – from your iPhone again.

Things To Consider Before
Choosing The Best iPhone Data Recovery Software

If ever you experience any of the samples above, then it would be best to consider it as the right time for you to act and use an iPhone Recovery Data software if you don’t want to lose your beloved files forever.

But no, you can’t just use any recovery software you would find in the huge world of the internet. There are some criteria to find out if the software that you would be downloading will get the job done and not the other way around. Let’s tackle what are the things to consider before choosing the best iPhone data recovery software for you.

Is The Data Recovery Software Safe To Download?

As much as possible, ensure that the software is safe and away from potential malware or viruses. Also, make sure that your device is equipped with updated antivirus to protect your laptop or computer.

Is it powerful to handle different data loss situations?

Make sure that it can deal with a variety of data loss situations. Whether it might be an accidental deletion, inaccessibility to a particular file, or if the phone itself is lost, it should be able to recover the files in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Is it compatible with all iPhone models?

A good iPhone data recovery software should be compatible with different iOS devices. It should sync with any device, whether it be an iPhone X, an iPhone 5, or an iPad Mini. It must also come with a Mac and PC version so you can access it on a different device.

Is the data recovery software easy to use?

Being effective isn’t enough to call a software an excellent iPhone recovery software material. It should also be user-friendly. A software program that is user-friendly will allow everyone to easily follow the instructions with little to no effort.

Is it well-known in the data recovery software market?

You need to choose a service provider that you have already heard a lot of good stuff about. Choosing a good data recovery software is probably your only chance to retrieve your data as only the first try has 100% success rate. So, don’t take risks and choose a well-known provider on the market you have already heard about. You need to give weight to the experience.

Can you reach out to the support team for questions?

The software alone won’t always grant you the answer to your questions. And this is where the customer supports shine. If you’re confused about something, directly ask the team behind the program. A supportive and active team will always be the brain behind a remarkable software recovery tool.

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