Best Android Data Transfer: Dr. Fone – Transfer

Looking for a way to easily, quickly, and effectively transfer all your Android data between Android devices and computers? Search no further – Dr. Fone Transfer, a reliable Android data transfer software, is here for you!

Yes, you read that right. Transferring your Android files is much easier and quicker with the help of this remarkable transfer application software! But what makes it an excellent transfer tool, you say? So, here we will provide you the all the amazing features that Dr. Fone can offer to you! But first, let us show you the reasons to love this remarkable Android transferring software.

Reasons to Love

User-friendly and easy to use: Using this tool is certainly a breeze!

Quickly transfer files between Android devices and computers!

Delivers powerful file explorer: Browse, access, and backup all your device’s files and folders!

Guaranteed to secure your privacy and personal information!

Reliable and effective Android transferring software: Loved by many, used by many!

Manage Your Memories

Dr. Fone Transfer lets you export music, videos, and transfer photos from Android to iPhone/computer(no matter to a Mac or to a PC). Through the help of Dr. Fone, moving your Android files such as videos, photos, and music to your computer is certainly possible (vice versa)!

With this, you’ll get to export files to another Android device or your computer with little to no effort at all. But wait, you can even transfer the whole photo album from your Android device to a PC!

Easily Transfer Files
from PC to Your Android Device

Need something from your computer and want to put in on your Android device? That’s not a problem anymore! With this remarkable transfer data software, you’ll be able to move any music, videos, and images from your computer to any Android device. In addition, not only that you’ll have the power to transfer your computer files to your device, you can also add a new folder to make your selected files more organized.

Quickly Transfer Contacts and Messages

No matter you run out of Android storage or want to prevent Android data from losing after factory reset or other, you can use Dr.Fone – Transfer. It allows you to backup Android contact information and SMS texts with one click!

Well, the power of Dr. Fone is truly amazing, isn’t it? Without a doubt, this remarkable software transfer application will provide you and other Android users an easier life! With it, you can save all or selected contacts as a CSV file easily and effortlessly.


Backup contacts and SMS from your Android device to your computer.


Import contacts from your computer to your Android device at ease.


Add, edit, delete,merge contacts on your Android device on a computer.

Conveniently Manage
All of Your Apps

Dr. Fone allows you to manage your Android app on a computer. You have the ability to quickly and easily manage your Android apps on a computer through the help of Dr. Fone! It helps you manage your Android device’s apps more conveniently by installing, uninstalling, and exporting all your Android apps on a computer.

Dr. Fone Android Data Transfer
How to Use It?

Dr. Fone Transfer for Android helps you save time and lets you transfer files between your Android devices and computer much efficiently and effectively! It is user-friendly and very easy to use,  you’ll only need to follow 3 steps and you’re good to go! Do you have any idea how? If you don’t, that’s nothing to worry about – we got your back! So, below are the steps you can follow for you to properly use this outstanding Android transfer software.

1. Connect your Android device

Initiate Dr. Fone Transfer for Android and simply connect your Android device (phone or tablet) to any computer. Then wait for your computer to scan your device. Once done, you may now proceed to the next step.

2. Select files that you want to transfer

This amazing software lets you preview all the files from your device. Now, feel free to select a file or files including photos, videos, music, SMS, contacts, etc., that you want to transfer between your computer or any Android devices.

3. Begin the transfer with one click!

After you are done selecting the files you want to transfer, begin the transferring and wait for it to finish. And with only a single click, you’ll get to effortlessly transfer your selected Android files between Android devices and computer instantly!

Dr.fone - Transfer (Android)

For all the features it offers, undoubtedly Dr. Fone is worth its price. In addition, this wonderful program makes it amazingly easy for you to transfer any Android files in just a single click. You’ll be surprised how outstanding this program is until you try it yourself – that’s for sure!

Android File Transfer
Transfer your media to and from:

iTunes <-> Android Device

Computer <-> Android Device

Android <-> Android Device

Note: Fully compatible with iOS 11 and iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus!