How to Recover Data from Dead Broken iPhone

///How to Recover Data from Dead Broken iPhone

Did your iPhone suddenly pack up and you didn’t back up important data? It is not a problem at all. With a good iPhone Data Recovery software you will easily restore all your data in a few steps. There is a particular software created specifically for that purpose. The software comes in two versions – one version for Windows and the other version for Mac. The required steps have been outlined right below.

The Features and Functions of iPhone Data Recovery Software

  • The software is compatible with all models of iPhone that run on iOS. It works for old iPhones and the latest iPhones 7 and 7 Plus that run on iOS 10.3
  • Apart from restoration of lost data, it is also able to fix several system issues like start up exception, non-response to touch, looped recovery mode and several other issues.
  • It has the ability to recover selective data as against recovering all the data together.
  • The software has the ability to recover files in any of three different modes whether the files have been backed up or not. It can recover from iCloud backup mode, iTunes backup mode and iOS device mode.
  • Even if your data does not have backup, this software can recover your data. It can also recover lost data due to upgrade of operating system, virus infection, lack of access caused by forgotten password, system crash, jailbreak, water damage, smash on impact and erroneous deletion.
  • This application has the ability to recover more than 23 types of files such as Skype, WhatsApp chat, Voice Memos, Call history, Text Messages and Contacts just to mention a few.

It is advisable to download and try the trial version first. For illustration, the Windows version has been used and so all the steps outlined below are for Windows users. However, Mac version also works in similar ways. If you are a Mac user, going through these steps will give you a better idea on how to use your version.

First Step: Your computer should be connected to your dead iPhone

This step is also applicable to Mac users. Your dead iPhone needs to be connected to your computer so that the software installed on your computer can have access to the dead iPhone. Once this is done, the software interface will come up on the screen of your computer. That is if your dead iPhone is either 4S or a superior model.

The interface will be displayed differently if your iPhone is either 3GS or 4. In that case, you should select advanced mode by clicking the button at the corner of the window. This gives an even deeper scan.

Second Step: Get your iPhone data deeply scanned

If your dead device is iPhone 4S or a higher model, you only need to click the “Start Scan” button to commence scanning of your iPhone. However, this step is slightly different for iPhones 4 and 3GS. For either of them, you need to hold your iPhone and click the “Start” button.

After that, you press and hold both Home and Power buttons for about ten seconds. Once you press and hold both buttons, a timer will pop up on your computer screen and the software will help you count the seconds.

After the tenth second, you only need to release the power button and still hold on to the Home button for another 15 seconds. You will be notified that your device’s scanning mode has been activated.

Third Step: Preview Files on the Dead Phone and Restore Selected Ones

Scanning takes a few minutes. After scanning, all the files on your dead phone will be displayed in different categories and you will select the ones you need to restore and click on “recover” button. They will be restored on your computer.

The software will display both existing and deleted files on your iPhone. To avoid confusion, you can filter out only the deleted ones by clicking on “only display selected items”. This software is also applicable to iPad and iPod too.


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