How to Recover Data from Water Damaged iPhone

///How to Recover Data from Water Damaged iPhone

With the recent improvement in technology and availability of the internet, mobile phones have become a fundamental device in everyday life. Constant interactions with phones may lead to unwanted incidences or accidents such as it phone falling in the water. This is not a new problem to iPhone users when such accidents happen it can be devastating. Water damaged phones distress iPhone users especially if you have no clue on how to go about the situation. So, is there any solution to recovering data from a water damaged iPhone that won’t turn on? Yes, I believe there is. To fix a water damaged iPhone we first recommend downloading the updated professional software, the iPhone Data Recovery. The software has an essential role when it comes to retrieving missing data or erased files from an iPhone.

You can also get your lost data from a backup file on iCloud or iTunes if your iPhone is synced. You can also connect and scan your iPhone to a Mac or PC which has the iPhone Data Recovery Software. The bottom line is, for as long as you use and have the iPhone Recover Data Software water damaged phones will not be a problem anymore. You can always retrieve your lost data.

Reasons To Have A Professional Data Recovery Software

Recovering of data in an iPhone damaged by water, broken, smashed, system crash, upgrading the iOS, deleting files by mistake, or the device is stuck will be an easy task.

  • You will be able to recover more than 22 data and files such as text messages, photos, MMS, iMessages, WhatsApp, Skype, call history, bookmarks, notes, Viber, contacts, or any other type of data on your iPhone.
  • The professional recovery data software supports three retrieval methods from an iPhone which is damaged by water. The methods are iTunes backup recovery, iCloud backup recovery, and iOS backup recovery.
  • Recovers selectively iPhone files and data by carefully extracting the backup files on iTunes and iCloud instead of overwriting the existing iPhone data. This avoids loss of data.
  • The software fixes a variety of issues in the iOS system device. The problems could range from lopped mode of recovery, white or black screens, start-up exception, to white Apple death screen. The software ensures that all your iPhone data will not change or go missing.
  • The professional recovery data software is well-suited for different models of iPhone which run on various types of iOS systems.

Now that you know the benefits of having a professional recovery data software on your iPhone, go ahead and download the free and trial version. After doing so, follow these simple steps to recover data from your water damaged iPhone. Here is a rundown of the procedure.

How To Recover Data Directly From A Water Damaged iPhone

1. Launch the software and connect your iPhone to PC

After you have downloaded and installed the iPhone recovery data software, transfer the software to a computer and link your phone using a USB cable. At the top right of your windows page, you will see the “Recover from iOS Device” option choose it then click the “Start Scan” option. The program checks everything on your phone. If your iPhone model is iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, press blue bottom “Advanced Mode” at the down corner of window and follow the guide to enter the recovery mode.

Note: For iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5/4S, you can directly restore your ContactsMessages, Call History, Voice Memos, Safari Bookmark and Notes from iPhone. For iPhone 4/3GS users, it supports to retrieve lost contacts, photos, movies, music, call history, calendar, notes, etc.

2. Start recovering your data from your iPhone

When the scanning process has completed, you will notice your files and data in an interface. Preview your data and files one by one and chose the ones you would like to retrieve. After selecting your preferred files, the last step is to click the “Recover” button. Your data will be retrieved and set aside on the computer.

Losing important information on your iPhone can be a nightmare. That is why the simple steps above come in handy in helping you retrieve lost data or files. Remember first to download and install the professional data recovery software for the process to work. If you find that recovering data from a water damaged iPhone is a hard task to do, you can always visit an iPhone dealer to do the work for you. However, why waste money and time when you can do it by yourself.


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