How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android

///How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android

So, you got a new Android phone – that’s great! But how about the application from your old Android phone, you’re not going to leave it there, do you? I know you won’t! After all, your apps from your old Android mobile device are important to you. But the question is: How can you transfer it to your new Android phone?

Well, don’t you worry about that – Dr. Fone Switch got you covered! But what’s special about this software, you say? This one of a kind transferring application lets you transfer any apps from an Android phone to another Android phone quickly, effectively, and of course, safely.

Furthermore, using it is as easy as a piece of cake – that’s for sure! And with the steps that we have provided below, you’ll get to completely use and enjoy the power of Dr. Fone Switch. So, let’s not wait any longer as we will show you how to use it below.

How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android With Dr. Fone Switch

You might be searching for a way to transfer apps from one Android phone to another Android device. Well, it’s time to search no further – the answer you’re looking for is here! Dr. Fone Switch is the one you need when it comes to transferring any files including apps. And today, we’re going to show you how you can use this outstanding application.

Step 1.  To use Dr. Fone Switch, you will need to have it installed on your laptop/computer first.

NOTE: As long as your computer and devices’ operating system or OS is compatible with this transferring tool, then it should run perfectly.

Step 2.  Now, you will have to connect both Android mobile phones via USB cable while the program is running. Then wait for the transferring application to recognize both your devices.

NOTE: If your phone has been connected to your computer before, then the program should detect your phone instantly as soon as you connect it. But if its your first time connecting the Android phone to the computer, you are required to allow “Allow USB Debugging” to make it easier for the software to recognize your device.

Step 3.  Go ahead and tick “Apps”. Don’t check any content except for the Apps. Furthermore, feel free to switch the position of your phone by clicking “Flip”. This allows you to change the places of your phone for an easier access and transfer of data.

Step 4.  To start the transfer, simply click “Start Transfer” button and just wait for Dr. Fone to finish the transfer. And there you have it – by only following 4 simple steps, you’ve successfully transferred your old Android phone’s apps to your new Android phone.

Without a doubt, this remarkable software is easy to use as it is very user-friendly. And through our guide given above, you’ll get to use and experience the full potential of this remarkable transferring application software – that is for sure!

Furthermore, I know you won’t regret using it – it’ll be worth its price, undoubtedly. You might want to try this one of a kind software as soon as possible! The power to transfer almost any files including photos, videos, apps, contacts, call logs, and more are absolutely possible with Dr. Fone!

Also, you’ll be amazed how can Dr. Fone allows you to transfer your old Android phone’s applications to another Android phone much easier, safer, and faster than doing it manually via USB cable. So, what are you waiting for? Try it as soon as possible to make it easier for you and other Android phone users to transfer apps from one Android phone to another.


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