How to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone

///How to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone

Well, there you are using your Android phone. But recently, you decided to switch it with the latest iPhone models: iPhone 8 or iPhone X – congrats for that! However, there’s a slight problem. You want to move or transfer the music from your old Android mobile phone to your newly bought iPhone. But is that even possible?

Well, that’s without a doubt, a yes! Furthermore, music is important as it provides us the entertainment, which allows us to relax and calm down. Moreover, music helps us reduce and even completely eliminate the stress. Also, listening to music is an excellent time-killer!

To simply put, music is essential in our lives – it makes our life much better. But first, you need to know how to transfer music from Android to iPhone, right? And if you’re looking for some way to easily and quickly transfer any music from your old Android phone to a new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, then you are in the right place! So, let’s talk about how to do it below, shall we?

Dr. Fone Transfer & Dr. Fone Switch

For you to transfer music from your Android phone to another iPhone mobile device, you’ll need Dr. Fone Transfer or Dr. Fone Switch first. These are third-party software that enables you to get all your favorite music from Android to iPhone.

In addition, these programs won’t only allow you to transfer music, but also lets you transfer videos, contacts, and documents from one mobile device to another. Well, there are 2 methods to transfer music from an Android phone to an iPhone. And below we’ll show you how to do the method 1 through first.

Method 1: Transferring Music from Android to iPhone with Dr. Fone – Transfer

Step 1.  Download the Dr. Fone Transfer software on your PC and wait for it to finish. This may or may not take you some time to download, but it depends on how slow or fast your internet connection is. Once finished, proceed and simply run the application.

Step 2.  Connect both mobile devices (Android & iPhone) to the PC and wait for the application to scan it. Once identified, you can see that your devices are now connected to the transferring software. The application will show you the name of your device and its storage as well.

Step 3.  Now, go ahead and click the “Music” tab. It is located between the “Home” and the “Videos” tab.  Clicking this tab will show you the list of the songs that you have on your mobile device.

Step 4.  In the music tab, just choose any songs that you want to transfer to your iPhone. You can also select the entire music album if you want – there’s no limit to this, really! Once you are done picking the ones you want to transfer, you can now proceed to the next and final step below.

Step 5.  Last and the final step is exporting the songs to your iPhone. To export, just simply click the “Export”. You can simply find it below the “Music” tab. Moreover, clicking Export will show you these options: Export to PC, Export to iTunes, and Export to Apple iPhone.

Click “Export to Apple iPhone” and wait for it to transfer the songs that you picked. Once the transfer is done – then congrats –  you’ve successfully transferred the music from your old Android phone to your iPhone.

Well, that’s method 1. So, now we’re going to show you how you can transfer music from Android to iPhone using the method 2.

Method 2: Transferring Music from Android to iPhone with Dr. Fone – Switch

Step 1.  First step is to simply download, install, and run Dr. Fone Switch. Once installed, you may now proceed to the second step below.

Step 2.  Connect both your devices (Android and iPhone) via USB cable and just wait for it to scan and identify your devices. Once Dr. Fone Switch has identified your mobile phones, the application will display both of your devices’ names.

Step 3.  The last and the final step is the actual transferring of the music. To begin, just click the “Music” content and after that click the “Start Transfer” button to start the transfer. Wait for it to finish and there you have it – you have successfully transferred your Android phone’s music to your new iPhone!

Without a doubt, these methods are one of the best, easiest, and safest ways to transfer any music from your old Android mobile device to a new iPhone X or iPhone 8! In addition, this remarkable program allows you to transfer as many songs as you want from an Android phone to an iPhone mobile device without limitation.



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