How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

///How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

All phones have limited memory storage, including iPhone. And the majority of the spaces from your iPhone is consumed by photos alone. Furthermore, you are probably thinking of deleting your precious pictures just to get more memory space, right? But luckily for you and other iPhone users out there, you don’t have to do that anymore!

For those whose iPhone’s storage are almost full, and want to acquire more space without having to delete the photos, there’s the Dr. Fone to save the day! I know it’s hard to delete iPhone photos just to acquire more storage, and the good news is – you can transfer these pictures from your iPhone to your computer.

And today, we are going to show you how to transfer photos from your iPhone to PC with 3 different methods. Let’s go ahead and proceed below for the actual steps.

Method 1: Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer with Dr. Transfer

This method is recommended for those iPhone users who wants a quicker and easier transfer of photos to a computer. Dr. Fone transfer allows you to quickly and effortlessly transfer any pictures that you want from your iPhone to a PC. And below we’ll show you how you can use this.

Step 1.  Download and simply install Dr. Fone Transfer on your computer. Then run it and proceed to the next step below.

Step 2.  Connect your iPhone mobile device and wait for your computer to detect it. Once recognized, the application will show your iPhone’s name and storage.

Step 3.  Located in the upper part of Dr. Fone Transfer, click the “Photos” tab. This will allow you to view the photos in your iPhone.

Step 4.  Choose any pictures that you want to transfer to your computer. And for the actual transfer, click “Export” and “Export to PC”. The transferring may or may not take you some time, but this depends on the number of photos that you are transferring.

Method 2: Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer with iCloud

You’ll be needing iCloud to do this method. Also, iCloud is an application that helps sync photos from your iPhone to a PC. Follow the instructions below to know how you can transfer photos from your iPhone to PC with an iCloud.

Step 1.  Simply download and install “iCloud for Windows” on your computer and run the application.

Step 2.  Once the iCloud is running, go on and choose “Options” behind “Photos”.

Step 3.  A new window will pop up. Now, tick the “iCloud Photo Library”. After ticking this, click “Done” and click “Apply”.

Step 4.  Open the “iCloud for Windows” again and select “Download new photos and videos to my PC”. Wait for the program to download your photos. Once finished, you can now view and add or transfer the pictures from your iPhone to your computer.


Method 3: Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer Manually

This method is the most common way to transfer the photos from your iPhone a computer. For this, you only need a PC, an iPhone, and a USB cable. And below are the actual steps that will help you transfer iPhone pictures to a computer manually without a help of a software.

Step 1.  Connect iPhone via a USB cable to your computer. Wait for the PC to scan and recognize your device.

Step 2.  Once your iPhone has been detected, the Autoplay will automatically pop up.  And in the Autoplay menu, click “Import pictures and videos”.

Step 3.  Clicking “Import photos and videos” will automatically import the photos from iPhone. You just need to select where to transfer the photos to your desktop. There’s another option. In the Autoplay menu, click “Open device to view files” to manually select and transfer photos to your PC.

Step 4.  Wait for the transferring to finish and congrats – you’ve successfully transferred your iPhone’s photos to your computer!

There you have the different methods of transferring iPhone photos to a PC. And if you want to make the transferring process much effortless and better, I am certain that the method 3 will work best for you! Without a doubt, the power of Dr. Fone Transfer is truly outstanding.


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