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iOS Data Transfer

Imagine being able to transfer any iOS files between multiple iOS devices with ease. How amazing is that, right? The good news is – that is certainly possible! And believe it or not, you’ll only need a single tool for that. But we’re not talking about a simple transfer software here, but a powerful one!

Moreover, are you wondering what is it we are talking about? Well, we’re not going to make you wait – it’s the Dr. Fone Transfer! Yes, this remarkable software will let you transfer any iOS files quickly and effectively, and it offers more than that!

And today, we’re going to figure out why is Dr. Fone is the best iOS Data Transfer Software available today. So, let’s not wait any longer and get into the details below.

Almighty Manager
For Your Entire Mobile Life

Need to transfer your favorite playlist on your iPhone, iPad, or any iOS device? Search no further as Dr. Fone is here to save the day! This software will let you transfer:


  • iTunes to your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Devices
  • Computer files to your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Devices
  • iPad, iPhone, and iPod Devices to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Devices

One-Stop Solution to
Transfer all iOS Media Files

Tips: Through Dr. Fone, you’ll be able to effortlessly connect your iOS device and transfer its media files to other iOS devices and computer! You can easily transfer the .m4r format ringtone to your iphone through Dr. Fone  within several clicks. Aside from its easy ringtone transferring feature, it can transfer, backup, restore and manage phone data including music, videos, photos, SMS, contacts, apps, etc.

Treasure Every
Moment of Your Life !

Transferring your photos between iPhones, iPads and computers is a breeze with the help of Dr. Fone Transfer! With this, you’ll get to move all your precious pictures with ease. In addition, Dr. Fone also allows you to even manage your photos during the transfer.

It provides you the control to preview, add, and delete photos on your iPad and iPhone. But it won’t stop at that! You can also export, transfer, and manage all videos and photos in photo stream, photo library, and camera roll with no effort at all.

Transfer iOS SMS and Contacts
in a Simpler Way

Is it possible to transfer your iOS contacts and SMS to computers and other iOS devices? The answer is yes – that’s possible with Dr. Fone! You’ll never know how convenient and powerful Dr. Fone is until you try it yourself! I know Dr. Fone will help you save time from transferring and make your life much easier than before.

With this amazing software, you will be able to:


Export SMS and contacts from iOS devices to computers.


Import all your contacts from your computer to iOS devices.


Edit, add, merge, and delete your mobile contacts on a computer.

Remarkable File Explorer

Through the help of Dr. Fone, you’ll ensure to transfer your files much safer, quicker, and simpler than before! And it won’t stop at this. Furthermore, Dr. Fone offers more than you expect – it even has a powerful file explorer! But what’s special about this? The file explorer of Dr. Fone lets you:

  • Access all the files of your device under its Disk Mode.
  • Browse and transfer all iOS folders and files on your iPad and iPhone.
  • Store the directories of your device on a computer.

Without a doubt, all the benefits of Dr. Fone are truly outstanding. Moreover, using it is as easy as a piece of cake!

Dr.Fone - Transfer (IOS)

And so, there you have it! Above only proves the Dr. Fone is truly the best iOS Data Transfer Software available out there. Without a doubt, it makes iOS data transferring as easy as 1-2-3! Not only that you’ll be able to transfer your files between computer and other iOS or Android devices, you can also manage it during the transfer. In fact, you’ll only need to follow 3 easy steps to use it properly:

ios data transfer

First, connect your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) to a computer

Second, choose data on your device for export or data on computer for import.

Finally, you can now freely transfer the files you chose

Note: Fully compatible with iOS 11 and iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus!