How to Restore Deleted or Lost Contacts on iPhone

///How to Restore Deleted or Lost Contacts on iPhone

Accidental deletion and other types of issues which result in lost contacts on the iPhone can be a terrible situation. When the important people in life are no longer available at the touch of the screen this can affect business and general social ambitions in a myriad of ways. Unfortunately, there is no version of the iPhone which is immune to such mishaps as the iPhone 5, 6, 6s and 7 all can lose contacts intentionally or unintentionally. However, there are some secrets to recovering this lost information and getting back in touch with those people without having to search elsewhere for ways to contact them again. This article will explain some of these tips.

Causes of Lost Data

Deleted or lost contacts on the iPhone models generally happen in a few specific ways. There is the mistaken deletion which has probably happened to everyone at least once in the lifetime of a phone. Secondly, there may be the need for a device reset or restoration to factory settings because of misoperation. Third, there are many instances where a jailbreak procedure may be done on the iPhone only to realize that there is some missing data after that unlock. Fourth, there could be a malware attack due to the iOS not being maintained at the latest version. Then finally, there could be physical damage to the phone hardware or lost data while in recovery mode.

Any of the above situations could mean lost contact information, and it is one of those problems that is very annoying to have to deal with. Here is the procedure for recovering this lost data using a great program that can search and find most things that otherwise seem lost forever. The great benefit of this program is that it includes 3 recovery modes for different needs, including recovery from iOS directly, restore from iTunes backup, and restore from iCloud backup.

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Contacts on iPhone 5S/6/6S/7 Plus

Step 1. Install iPhone Contacts Recovery Software

The first step is to get the recovery software installed onto a computer which the phone can be connected to. There is a version for the Windows operating system as well as a version for the Mac OS. Choose appropriately and then download and install it on the computer that will be used to assist in recovery. Also, make sure that iTunes was installed previously, and if not then do so now.

Step 2. Analyzing and Scanning Your iPhone

Run the recovery software and it will ask for the phone to be connected during the initial setup process. The iPhone will need to be connected via a USB cable in order to proceed past that checkpoint. There are different modes of operation, but click on “recover from iOS device” so that the software will start analyzing the internal memory of the phone. It will take some time, but the screen will show the output relating to backup and deleted files found as well as what category they are related to.

Step3. Preview All Scanned Data

After the scan is complete it will be possible to preview the found data through the intuitive graphical interface. It will even list individual contacts so that whatever is needed can be selected for restoration. Once everything that needs to be restored has been selected then it is simply a matter of clicking on the “Recover” button to start the process.

The iPhone does not usually completely remove everything such that it is impossible to recover. It is quite feasible that lost contacts will still be available when using this iPhone recovery software to check for hidden data. Apple knows that everyone makes mistakes, and so they have incorporated various failsafes within the phone itself to help when disaster strikes. If these three easy steps are simply followed then most of the lost data can be returned to a visible place in the phone, and life can resume at its normal pace.


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