How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

///How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

Mobile devices are regarded not only as one of the most important aspects of human life especially in the 21st century but also as status symbols. Today, unlike when they were first invented, mobile devices are used to conduct business transactions, among other crucial purposes. Calls made can be recorded, and messages sent via the devices do contain a lot of important details like contract agreements and its details, that business people wouldn’t want to lose at any point. Incase this happens, you could lose a lot regarding your business deals. The following are some important tips to follow to recover messages that get deleted from an iPhone.

You might give up trying to recover the deleted items on iPhone that accidentally dropped in water and died instantly or one that was completely damaged by dropping on some hard ground. It was entirely impossible to recover lost data years back, and a damaged iPhone could be rendered useless. But with the new technology, data recovery is fully assured. If this happens to you, you need to be calm and check out iOS Data Recovery Program, an application that will bring your iPhone back to life no matter the state or extent of damage.

The following are the main features that the program provides

  • It has the power to restore 16 different types of files that are accidentally deleted from Apple devices i.e. iPods, iPads etc.
  • It can recover files from an iPad or an iPhone without necessarily having the files backed up on iTunes or iCloud.
  • It can retrieve data backed on iTunes and iCloud.
  • It can transfer files from the gadget to a PC and back them up as well.
  • Regain lost files after you do a factory reset, iOS update or downgrade and many more.
  • The devices that the system supports are; iPhones 5S,5,4S,4,6S and 6 plus, 7 and 7 plus, iPad Air, New iOS 10, 9, 8.4, iPod Touch etc.

Three options of regaining deleted messages (SMS) from an iPhone

  1. Regaining directly without backup.
  2. Restoring through the prior iTunes backup files.
  3. Extraction from the iCloud backup.

1. Retrieve Messages Directly From iPhone Without Backup

If you do not have any backup on your iPhone, follow the following tips;

Step I. Installation of the program on your computer

Don’t worry too much if you do not have the messages backed up somewhere. Here, you will need to install the program on your computer, run it and then connect it with your iPhone by using a cable. Once you are done, make sure you can find your iPhone on the computer, and then click “Recover from iOS Device” which is on the main interface.

Step II. Scan the phone on the computer

The best thing about this program is that it will be able to scan the phone faster but carefully into its cache space and the entire memory. At the end of the scan, all the files will be shown. You can then choose on the “messages,” then find the most important ones or all, depending on your preference and then click on “Recover” to start the process of retrieval.

2. Restoring Through The Previous iTunes Backup Files

You can as well restore files from your previous iTunes backup files if you had one. Sync your iPhone with iTunes, and you will definitely get files backups on your PC. This will even be easy since there is a specific format that will be used, and therefore you will not have to worry a lot after damaging your phone. However, you can still recover from previous iTunes using this program. Just follow the following steps;

Step I. Install the program, run it and Scan the backed up files
Be sure to click on the “Recover from iTunes Backup File” and the program will find the phone and then it bring out all the previous files backed up on iTunes. Check the phone’s backup then select “start scan.”

Step II. Restore all the text messages from the backup
After the scan is complete, the program will carefully list the files in different categories. It will allow you to go through the messages, select the most important ones, then click on “recover” and you will be able to regain them to your PC.

3. Extract Data From iCloud Backup

The last option that you will have to retrieve your messages is the extraction from the iCloud backup file. You can easily get this by following the following two steps;

Step I. Log into your iCloud
You will have to log in to your iCloud and then download the iCloud backup files. To be able to achieve this without any interference, make sure that you are connected to the internet. This will enable you to download it smoothly.

Step II. Now retrieve the messages
After you are done downloading, click on it and then select “start scan.” After this, the messages and other files will be shown. You can then decide on the messages you would wish to keep, then click on “recover.”

If you want to retrieve the lost messages from an iPhone, follow any of the methods above. The steps are quite simple. Be sure to try out any of these methods and help a friend recover their lost data as well.


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